SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Advocate] by Rob Inglis – February 8, 2017

There’s a motion in the ocean as Chinese demand for Tasmanian rock lobster is growing.

Tasmanian Rock Lobster Fishermen’s Association chief executive John Sansom said this could partly be attributed to the fact that red was a lucky colour in China.

In fact, the Chinese call lobsters red dragon fish.

“It’s a red lobster, and it cooks up even redder,” Mr Sansom said.

“We’re seeing high market prices because it’s considered a good product and because there’s not a lot of it around.”

He said the Tasmanian lobster industry would enjoy a “bright future”.

“As long as we can catch the fish efficiently, then it’s all good,” Mr Sansom said.

Agribusiness company Craig Mostyn Group (CMG) said they had observed “unprecedented growth” in the Chinese market for specific types of lobster.

CMG chief executive Mark Wray said the southern rock lobster was seen as the finest lobster available in China. “If you’re having a wedding and you want to show that you really respect all the guests, the best product to have on the table is the southern rock,” Mr Wray said.

CMG sends representatives to China at least once a month, to consolidate the popularity of Tasmanian lobster there.

“The big towns along the coast, they’ve barely even been touched,” Mr Wray said.


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